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Tune your game graphics with our GFX optimizer for lag free gaming experience

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Developer of PUB Gfx+ Tool presenting another most advanced GFX optimizer tool

Quick Launcher

Instantly launches the app with memory boost

Quick Glance

Check update and info of your favourite games

Game Turbo

Boost all around performance of your Android device

Download Addons

Addons dynamically enables tons of extra features

Ping Booster

Reduce your network latency & change DNS

System Settings

Tweaks your device setting with useful tips

Experience the gaming performance like never before

With the help of Game Turbo, You can maximize gaming potential of your Android device

  • CPU & GPU Boost efficiently reduce the system load
  • RAM & Storage Boost helps in improving the memory management
  • System Performance Boost monitors & boost the system performance

These options will reduce frames drops which results in smoother gameplay

Ping Booster for solving high ping, unstable connection issue

Set the best available DNS settings in your region & experience the fastest ping

Use default built-in DNS like Google DNS, Open DNS, CloudFlare DNS or you can manually try your own DNS configuration. It is useful, if you want to try DNS server of different location from

Use speed test for analayzing internet speed stats like ping, downloading speed, uploading speed in real time

Dynamically add or remove addons for extra features

Addons are the separate apps, you can install them for enabling extra features in Gamers GLTool. Many addons are available

  • Graphics Manger help in changing resolution, graphics, fps settings
  • Preference Manager helps in creating/editing the preference settings
  • Instant Boost is a powerful & efficient game booster

Once installed, you can access them from the navigation drawer of the Gamers GLTool

Tweak you system settings like a pro

Set the optimal system settings & experience the ultimate gaming performance

Here you can instantly access the system settings of your Android device like Wifi, Mobile Data, Display, Sound, Battery, Storage, Connected devices, Developer with the userful info for optimal gaming performance.


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