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About Us


PUB Gfx + Tool

Our Pub Gfx android app for PUBG Mobile game graphics optimization is being used by many players worldwide.

Pubgfx Android Application
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Free My Way App

Do you face parking problems everyday? Say goodbye to parking problems with our Free My Way app

Free My Way Android Application
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What we do

We create android apps and websites using magic

Android App Development

We design android apps with following points in mind

  • Material design apps
  • Optimized UI for fast response
  • Scalable Apps with modularity
  • Very small APK size
  • Work properly on all display sizes and orientations
  • Accessibility and Localization to reach more audience

Website Development

We design websites with following points in mind

  • UI design using latest Bootstrap Framework for responsive design
  • Use of third party js libraries such as anim.js, particle.js,etc for more interactive websites
  • Animation and Interactive elements on website for user engagement
  • Minified assets and compressed images to reduce website payload
  • Latest EcmaScript 6 with transcompiler for backward compatibility
  • Accessibility

Our Apps